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Airnet Systems Assessment Tool (ASAT) for Azure

We are offering the ASAT FREE OF CHARGE to new customers to help them understand their data and begin planning their migration to the cloud. Airnet created the ASAT to help companies gain accurate insights in their current IT infrastructure costs, inventory and performance. We can help a client whether they have 20 servers, or 20,000!

Airnet also offers a free, 1-hour briefing call with customers to plan for:

  • Azure Cloud Strategy Briefing
  • “Assess – Plan – Migrate – Optimize – Manage”: This may be our process, but it’s the customer’s cloud journey. We work hand in hand with our clients to help them discover how Azure can best meet IT and general business needs.

  • Extending Your Data Center to Azure Briefing
  • We do not “Lift, Shift, and Ditch” our customers as they make their journey to the Azure. We know it’s an important decision, so we will stay with you as long as you need us.

  • Storage, Backup & Disaster Recovery Briefing
  • Data accidents happen; and sometimes they’re not accidents. Airnet has worked with companies for more than a decade securing their data using the latest methods and meeting all security requirements. 

  • Open Source Solutions Briefing
  • We specialize in open source solutions such as Red Hat, CentOS, PHP, MySQL and more. Many of our clients have vastly different solutions and setups, and we strive to stay up-to-date and informed about each one.

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“From their “client-first” sales approach to their on-site midnight technical support, Airnet has gone above & beyond the role of a “normal” Data Center shop. Instead, they have become a long-term partner that we consider key to the future growth and success of our company.”
“In the past, our call centers have required fundamental reconfigurations - ASAP. And, the Airnet Call Center team has consistently responded with day-of, or next-day solutions that have enabled us to do business faster & smoother than ever before.”
“From site hosting and web engineering design, server colocation, bandwidth resources, SIP provided for large call center projects disbursed nationally at regional offices, to database engineering and consulting services… Airnet has been an all-encompassing intelligent technology provider and knowledge resource for the RNC.”

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