Managed Services

Improve your efficiency, reliability, security and maintenance - while lowering costs.

Cloud Management Services

Do you become overwhelmed with the high cost and resource requirements of managing your Cloud assets?

Airnet can help you with our comprehensive suite of Cloud Management Services for both on-premises services and the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We will support your IT assets around the clock so you can focus on your business and think less about IT – while benefiting from reduced costs and maximized IT security and efficiency.

Managed Services for Azure

With Airnet, you get the most out of your Azure Cloud environment with Azure Managed Services. We help you with monitoring, availability, secure connectivity and more, and efficiently manage it for you.

What Are My Options?

  • Azure Support

    Includes all things Azure – creating VMs, creating storage, attaching drives to VMs, and more. Also included – patching, OS troubleshooting, and support of Windows OS-included applications (IIS, Active Directory etc.) including some Linux applications and LAMP server.

  • Advanced Application Support

    Includes advanced Azure support, PaaS SQL Database, Azure Active Directory, and troubleshooting.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring

    You have the flexibility to choose the devices you want to be covered on a per-device basis.

  • Backups

    Airnet can configure and manage your backups in Azure according to your organization's backup parameters and policies.

Benefits of Airnet Managed Services:

Whether you choose to move to a 100% Azure Cloud Environment or an Azure Hybrid Cloud Environment, Airnet can manage it all. Airnet Managed Services makes it work and keeps it working at the lowest possible risk and cost to you.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of your environment with access to our world class technical support team via email, phone, or public helpdesk portal.

  • Patching and Backups: We will keep your machines updated and your data available.

  • SQL Server and Storage on Azure: We deploy and manage all Azure-supported Microsoft SQL server deployments for your enterprise.

  • Windows and Linux Support: Our IaaS Managed Services cover all Azure-supported Windows Servers OS’s as well as Azure-supported CentOS (RHEL) and Ubuntu Linux Server deployments.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Hybrid Cloud Hosting leverages a customer's preferred data center or Airnet’s own data center and connectivity to host your physical assets also needing access to your Azure Cloud environment.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Management

Increasingly, organizations are benefiting from hybrid deployments that balance public cloud & on-premises solutions. Hybrid deployments provide organizations the flexibility to customize the hosted assets most appropriate for the public cloud and those better suited for the Azure Cloud. This hybrid approach enables customers to leverage the performance and security of on-premises solutions with the cost-savings and scalability of the Azure Cloud. Some other potential benefits:

  • Security of on-premises private clouds is appropriate for intensive data security requirements
  • High performance of mission-critical and resource-intensive applications such as large fast SQL deployments
  • Reliability of dedicated High-Availability environments
  • Cost effectiveness of a smart hybrid deployment balancing public cloud deployments such as backup storage with mission critical on-premises deployments such as physical SQL servers
“From their “client-first” sales approach to their on-site midnight technical support, Airnet has gone above & beyond the role of a “normal” data center shop. Instead, they have become a long-term partner that we consider key to the future growth and success of our company.”
“In the past, our call centers have required fundamental reconfigurations - ASAP. And the Airnet Call Center team has consistently responded with day-of, or next-day solutions that have enabled us to do business faster & smoother than ever before.”
“From site hosting and web engineering design, server colocation, bandwidth resources, SIP provided for large call center projects disbursed nationally at regional offices, to database engineering and consulting services… Airnet has been an all-encompassing intelligent technology provider and knowledge resource for the RNC.”

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